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Corporate Success – Inaugural Post

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In this, the first section and primary focus of this website, I want to focus on sharing insights about how to succeed in the corporate world. I have been very fortunate in my career to experience a breadth of experiences leading to, what I believe to be, unique perspectives. I have also been very fortunate to have excellent mentors and I will share the insights and advice they have shared with me. This purpose of this initial post is to outline some of the topics I will address in future posts. I hope both proactively address nuggets of wisdom as well expose common myths about the corporate world.

Below is a sample of insights I will address in greater detail:

  • Don’t bring problems, bring solutions (or, what the ideal employee looks like)
  • The most important success factor of all: Discipline
  • Accountability: For managers and direct reports
  • The role of a leader: The “unwritten” edition
  • How “hands on” should you be as a leader? When to engage and when to back off
  • The critical role of failure in success (or, how to fail correctly)
  • The importance of data and process to the modern organization
  • 5 ways to impress your boss (or, how to get on the promotion fast track)
  • Career Accelerators: High Risk/High Reward Situations
  • How to crush it in an interview
  • How to take charge of the annual review process
  • How to excel in a new role
  • Surviving an international assignment, from someone in the middle of one
  • The cardinal rule (that everyone seems to forget): Its all about the customer
  • And many more…

Also, I hope to dispel a number of myths:

  • The Number One Career Killer: “If I keep my head down and work hard, good things will happen… right?”
  • All I need is an MBA (or an MBA from the right school) and my career progression will accelerate
  • I need to be hyper aggressive and a bit of a masochist to become an executive
  • I need to become an expert at my job/role/function in order to climb the corporate ladder
  • And many more…

Eventually, as this blog gains popularity, I would love to choose topics based on reader feedback and interaction. If you have any topics you would like to see addressed (think of it as an anonymous “ask an executive” forum) please submit them in the “Contact Me” section.

If you are reading this post, I would like to thank you 1. for your patience as I build out content on this site, and 2. for taking this exciting journey with me.

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