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Successful Careers Can Lead to Rewarding Hobbies

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This is the 3rd section on my blog for a reason. If you go in order of the sections of this website, my advice will help you to be more successful and fulfilled in your job in the corporate world (whatever that role may be). This, in turn, will (hopefully) lead to a higher wage which (being smart) you will save and invest in ways that will make you financially independent. When you have successfully applied the learning from the first two sections (and with a little luck) you may have some money left over to spend.

The purpose of this section is to share with you some of my hobbies and interests I have invested in over the years. I will be honest–this is a bit self-indulgent, but I strongly subscribe to the philosophy of “work to live” (not live to work) so I try to be disciplined in my spending to support those interests. My wife jokes that my hobby is to collect hobbies and I do admit I have a LOT of interests that I am excited to share with you.

Are my hobbies what you should pursue? Nope. Should you like the things I like? Of course not. However, I want to balance the serious parts of this website (career success and financial success) by spending some time writing about what I enjoy in life. I also intend to share with you some tips, tricks, and even products I have used which I feel are “best in class” or have made my life easier, better, or more fulfilled.

Some sample topics:

  • Hobby #1: My love of Haute Holorogy (translation: fancy watches)
  • Tip: How to make the most of a punishing travel schedule (or, making the most of airline and hotel points)
  • Hobby #2: The incredible ROI of video games
  • Hobby #3: Traveling the world on the cheap (without sacrificing quality)
  • Tip: How to vacation in Vegas without breaking the bank
  • Hobby #4: The wonderful world of Scotch whiskey
  • Insight: My (underwhelming) experiment in joining a private golf club
  • And many more.

Am I an expert on the above topics? Not really. That said, I have spent a good amount of my (extremely limited) personal time as well as money on the topics in the list above. If you share these interests or have wondered about these topics, I am confident you will find these posts to be interesting. Over time, I hope to hear about your interests through the comments section. As always, I am happy to answer any questions the community may have.


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