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Special Guest Post: Corporate Wise Girl

corporate wise girl
My husband, aka Corporate Wise Man (CWM), has asked me to write a post and I must say I was a little intimidated. I didn’t think I would have anything to write about in regards to business or any insightful thoughts. But then I looked back over my career and realized that I have learned so much both on my own and with the help of my husband.
When we met I was working at a very “easy” job. I was not challenged in any way and to be honest, I never felt that I needed to challenge myself. I was working as an Administrative Assistant and as a Construction Administrator for a large, national Architectural firm. After my husband and I had been dating for a few months, he gave me the idea to apply for a “real job” as I liked to put it. This was big for me. First of all, I didn’t think I could hack it in the corporate world let alone not fall apart in an interview (my previous job did not require a “real” interview).

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