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Adventures in Bitcoin, Part 3

As many of you know from prior posts (here and here), last July I invested about $3500 USD in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. I sold my bitcoin at $14,000 in early December and used to proceeds to buy more Ripple and Ethereum, some Bitcoin Cash, ZCash, and Lumens.  Around Christmas, this amount ballooned to about […]

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Adventures in Bitcoin, Part 2

In my last post I discussed my personal experience investing in Cryptocurrency. Today, I would like to step back and provide some more information about what Cryptocurrency is as well as provide some resources I have found to be helpful as I build my own understanding. So, what is Cryptocurrency anyway?  I am NOT an […]

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Adventures in Bitcoin (and thoughts on Cryptocurrency)

Although the focus of this post is to outline why and how I invested in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, I feel I need to start with an apology: I’m sorry it has taken so long to write a new post! As you can probably imagine, I have been completely swamped moving from Montreal to Atlanta […]

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How to Enjoy Luxury without Sabotaging Your Financial Goals

I have a very clear savings goal: I would like to retire (meaning having enough money to not “need” employment) by the time I am 40 years old. I am 37 1/2 years old and, if I remain disciplined, the dream will become a reality. In order to achieve this goal I am an aggressive […]

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Recommend: Mr Money Mustache Blog

drawing of man with long mustache

This blog has been very influential in my thinking: www.mrmoneymustache.com.  Mr Money Mustache (or MMM for short) is living the dream: basically, he is a Canadian who got sick of the corporate world at a young age and dedicated himself to retiring as soon as possible. It’s not just empty advice: He retired in his […]

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The ONLY 3 Books You Need to Read on Investing–PERIOD!

stack of colorful books - computer generated

I have read a lot of books about the corporate world (Blue Ocean Strategy, Execution, Seven Habits, etc.) and personal investment (too many to list) and, to be honest, have walked away unimpressed. It seems like every few months some new, faddish “flavor of the week” pops up and somebody writes a book about it. […]

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How to Create a Budget and Calculate your Net Worth

pile of money and coins adding to your net worth

As I mentioned in the About Me section, my wife and I have recently relocated from Minnesota to Montreal, Canada as part of a career change. In order to do so, my wife left her stable and well paid job as a sales and pricing analyst at a Fortune 50 company headquartered in Minnesota. Because […]

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There are Only 3 Ways to Get Rich


There are literally thousands of books, websites, magazines, professionals and other “resources” on saving and investing. The topics covered are nearly limitless ranging from the basics (budgeting, dollar cost averaging, buy and hold) to exotic (technical and charting analyses, options trading, derivatives) to the downright fraudulent (pump and dump schemes, penny stocks, unsolicited “hot tip” […]

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You Work Hard for Your Money…Make Your Money Work for YOU

Happy businesswoman throwing money. Business concept cartoon illustration.

Those of us in the corporate world know it is an extremely complex place, oscillating between being exasperating, infuriating, boring, political, and (for the rare few of us who “understand the game”) even fulfilling. However, there is a reason we corporate folk grind out the long, thankless hours: Pay, benefits, and stability tend to be […]

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