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How to Ace ANY Presentation

Businessman, presenting growing graph, statistics

Tomorrow I will fly to Europe to attend my company’s bi-annual partner conference, an event that brings together over 150 of our best European customers to present our strategy and new product development initiatives. As VP of Product development, I will be the main speaker during many of the major presentations. At this point in […]

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How to Enjoy Luxury without Sabotaging Your Financial Goals

I have a very clear savings goal: I would like to retire (meaning having enough money to not “need” employment) by the time I am 40 years old. I am 37 1/2 years old and, if I remain disciplined, the dream will become a reality. In order to achieve this goal I am an aggressive […]

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Balancing Hard and Soft Skills to Succeed

In late spring 2005 I was in the second semester of the first year of my MBA program. It was a few weeks before finals and the completion of the “first year core” curriculum which consisted of required courses in the “hard skills” of Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Strategy and operations culminating in a case competition […]

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Ask CWM #1: Innovation in the Trenches

5 light bulbs - one shines bright

The inaugural “Ask Corporate Wise Man” post will answer a question from Jessica C.: In the corporate world, innovation often means going directly against the grain of how things are usually done. I see the dilemma of upper management who say they want to be innovative while middle managers try hard to implement new initiatives […]

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The Solution to Every Marketing Problem: Market Segmentation

Segmentation Framework

It’s difficult to call yourself a “Marketing Professional” these days because marketing has so many sub-categories and is defined differently across companies (I strongly recommend you take a minute to review the excellent “Anatomy of a World Class Marketing Organization” framework published by the Marketing Leadership Council). In many companies (like the one I in […]

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11 Tips to Prepare for an Interview

Businessman clip art

(Image used with permission. Original: https://simpleprogrammer.com/2016/12/14/new-job/) The purpose of this post is to provide valuable, concrete ways to prepare for an interview to build confidence and maximize your chances for success. Before getting to the list below, I strongly recommend you read my two prior posts How to Ace Any Interview and Great Answers to 3 Very […]

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The CWM Motivation Model: What Motivates You?

CWM Motivation Model - ALL

Face it–people are different. They have different needs, wants, and desires. I believe that a better understanding of what motivates you will not only help you clarify your career goals and path, but can help you better understand what motivates your team. Those of you who follow my posts know that I like taking (potentially) […]

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The Critical Role of Failure in Success

Man throwing darts at target - with failure comes success

As I have mentioned in previous posts (here, here) my father used to own a commercial construction company. As such, many of his close friends are very wealthy (it makes sense; buildings are expensive, so if you are going to build one you tend to need a lot of money). Thus, I was fortunate to grow up […]

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More Useful Travel Tools

blue commercial airplane - more travel tools

I travel a lot. I mean, a LOT (60k miles so far this year, and it’s only the middle of May…) and I have two rules: travel as light as possible, but ensure you can have privacy and entertainment. As such, below are a list of my travel essentials: iPad (Mini, Air, and Pro): I […]

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